Our work in schools -- with teachers and school leaders -- is individualized and guided by the needs and goals of each partner. Please contact us to learn more about how we can work with your school.

job-Embedded Consulting

A Needs Assessment is conducted at the beginning of each contract and used to frame consultants' work. Consultants meet with school leaders and teachers, observe classrooms, and gather information to inform a detailed, written Action Plan that responds to the school's goals.

Through full-day and/or half-day visits, consultants support teachers and school leaders with Instructional Support, Curriculum Planning, and Assessment Design across content areas.


Consultants plan and facilitate School-Based and Off-Site Workshops designed to meet the specific needs of a given partner school.

We also offer full-day and multi-day Workshops designed and led by our team of consultants that draw on their vast experience working with pre- and in-service teachers and expertise spanning content areas. Workshops will be announced and advertised so stay tuned for more information!

curriculum development

We collaborate with partner organizations to create new curriculum for both formal and informal learning environments.