in 1999...


Kerry and Stephen met teaching 8th grade in a public school in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Kerry, an English-turned-social studies teacher, was at the start of her second year. Stephen had just made the move to middle school after teaching high school earth science and chemistry for several years. Soon after, Stephen moved on to the American Museum of Natural History where he developed professional development programs that used museum exhibits and galleries to support STEM curriculum. During those years, Kerry remained in the classroom until leaving to begin both her doctoral studies in English education and work as a curriculum consultant and literacy coach at Teachers College. In 2010, Stephen bade farewell to the Museum and started a new chapter as a STEM consultant in schools in NYC and around the world.

Throughout those many years, Stephen and Kerry discussed their deepening experiences with and understandings of education -- particularly public education in NYC -- as they trekked together from the Catskills to Kilimanjaro and remained parts of each other’s growing and extended families.

In the spring of 2016, Kerry completed her doctorate at Teachers College. That summer,  she and Stephen decided to start their own education consulting venture driven by over two decades of experience -- as teachers, teacher educators, curriculum coaches, professional development advisors, and public school advocates -- as well as a shared passion for education and commitment to reimagining what school support can look like.